My New MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

I got a new MacBook Pro last week. It is my first MacBook Pro. I started with an iBook, moved to the MacBook and now I have a MacBook Pro. I was really excited to get a MacBook Pro. For a long time I resisted the aluminum unibody for a while. I loved the white plastic of the iBook. My iBook was my favorite laptop of all time. It was durable and tough. It really met all of my needs.

I decided to buy the MacBook because it was recently updated. I think with the new i5 processor it is not overpriced. I have been using macs for a while at home and a PC when at work. I am not super fan boy one way or the other. I like being able to use both Mac and PC. I find using one at work and one at home really puts me in two different mind set. My mind knows which context to be in because of which computer I am using.

My old white MacBook was about 4 years old. It was feeling it's age. I would get a lot of error messages in Firefox from the Javascripts crashing. At times I would run into a lot of errors. My MacBook was feeling old and slow. There was not a bunch of software I could not run, it was just slow at doing a lot of things.

I got my new computer and it felt great at first, but the thrill has seemed to wear off quickly. From what I can remember, it is lot quicker then the last few computers I purchased. I have been thinking why this is and I think I see the reasons.

I was still running 10.5 leopard on my white MacBook. Now I am 10.6. I am not sure the OS is all that much better. It has a few new features, but nothing that makes me feel like it is that much better. The new version of iPhone is ok, but not worth buying on its own.

The best thing I did was get the biggest hard drive I could. I have way too many photos and music files on my computer. I was using a desktop computer just to hold my music. I have way too much music.

I used to get really excited when I got a new computer. It used to be you could do all sorts of new things when you got a new computer. Now it seems like you do all the same things, but a little bit better. I know that is because most of the things I do are in the cloud. It just makes spending money on a computer a little harder.


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