Why Can't I See the Wonder Woman Pilot now?

Comic Con 2010: Wonder Woman

It was pretty big news that the new David E Kelly Wonder Woman was not picked up by NBC. By every think I hear or ready, it is pretty clear that the show was not very good.

So if the pilot is going to go on the scrap heap, never to go on television, limited to bootleg copies to be found at shady booths at Comic Book Conventions, why can't I watch it? In the age of the internet it would be cheap to distribute the show. With sites like Hulu and Netflix you could put it on a rental site. With Amazon and iTunes you could make it pay per view. I would pay to see the Wonder Woman pilot.

I think it would be cool to have a website where all the failed pilots live. I think it would be interesting to see all the pilots that never made it. I think it would be great to watch.


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