Giving Up on College Sports

I have finally had enough when it comes to college sports. It has been an interesting year in terms NCAA Scandals. Between Ohio State and Miami the media has been having a field day in talking about if college athletes should get paid or not. This is a topic that really divides people, and both side this they are right with no need to compromise. I am tired of hearing the people ignore the facts, the rules or the law just to make their point.

I am really tried of both sides. My number one issue with the pro paying athletes argument is them ignoring Title IX. I am thinking of people like Jason Whitlock who just dismisses Title IX all together. To them it is just an inconvenient rule that is just an excuse not to pay the money making athletes. They do not realize it is a law and the courts like to enforce it. If you start paying just male athletes from Football and Basketball you will see lots of lawsuits. To not make a plan that accounts for Title IX is to care more about your moral high ground than making a solution that will work in the long run.

I am also tired of people tuning a blind eye to why the problems happen. I do not want people to throw up their hands and claim that what is happening is not a problem. I believe that only a fraction of the infractions are found. I believe that most of the top 20 programs in both Football and Basketball have problems with top athletes taking cash and benefits. The NCAA is not doing a good job investigating the problems. I am sure if it was not for journalist no one would ever be caught.

The system as it is encourages corruption. In the 20+ years since the SMU death penalty, the problem has not gone away. The system just makes people more creative in the way they cheat. It is not like the top programs are not cheating. The biggest scandals happen at teams that have played for the BCS Championship.

My only answer it so just stop watching and paying attention to college sports. I feel the only way to affect change is to remove myself from the situation. I know that one person turning away will not change anything. Maybe if enough people do it things will have to change.

I really know that I cannot do anything. The only people that can really make a change are the companies sponsoring NCAA sports. This is the same way the Olympics changed. I am not sure the sponsors really care about this. I am not sure who can get though to the sponsors to make they think changed is needed.


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