Grading my 2011 New Years Resolution

I was looking at my New Years Resolutions from 2011. I did not do that well, but trying was enough.

1. Walk 1100 miles for exercise - I stopped counting, so I guess I did not do it. I walked a lot with the dogs, but I did not keep track of how far.

2. Climb the steps at work 250 times. - This one feel apart when I changed jobs. I want to give myself an NA for this one. We moved to a second floor apartment and got a couple of dogs. This gave me lots of chance to climb stairs.

3. Eat at 12 restaurants I have never ate at before - This was really easy after we moved to Fremont. I still need to crunch the numbers on this one. I will do another blog entry about this.

4. Post at last 100 of my Photo of the day photos to my new photo blog. - I completed this, but the blog died shortly after this. I should restart this blog.

5. Do the photo a day project again this year. - I did this. I took a photo every day in 2011. Here is the set of my most interesting. I plan on doing this again for 2012.

6. Read all the books I got for Christmas 2010. - I forgot about this all together. I only read two books in 2012.

Not on the list but things I challenged myself.

Take Photos with 52 Cameras - Yes, I took photos with more than 52 cameras

Scan All the old Photos I have. - Yep, I scanned all the photos and film I had in my personal stash.


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