State of My Heart Address 2012

January 30: Birthday Girl

Happy St. Valentines Day everyone out there. The past year has been one of the hardest and one of the easiest of my life. There were lots of things that went wrong in the past year. That being said, it has been easier for me to pick my self up and dust myself off. Having Kate in my life, it has been easy to not get lost in those moments. There seem to always been a way to go forward. There is something about our relationship that has given me a lot of strength.

The worst moments of this year have been around seeing Kate in pain. There were moments when seeing her hurt have caused my heart to break. I understand the idea of Happy Wife/Happy Life in a much less cynical way then it had been said to me in the past.

Kate and I underwent fertility treatment this year. I can say that you do not know how hard fertility treatment is until you do it. No matter what anyone tells you, you will never know what is like until you have done it. We were not able to get Kate pregnant. Doing this takes something out of you.

It is hard to say that something like this makes you closer. I would have much rather for us to build a family this way, but I know you don't always get what you want. We are going to move onto adoption to build our family. That is going to be our next challenge.

Kate convinced me to add more love to our family this year. We added two dogs to our family this year. Juanita and Etta May are our two sweet little dogs. I knew I liked dogs before getting them, but I did not know how much I would love them. There is something special about the way they add love to your life.

Etta May is in my heart

Juanita is in my heart

Kate and I are approaching our third wedding anniversary. We keep on growing closer. Even as we go with hard times, I know that Kate is there for me. When something goes wrong, we are there to support each other. All of this fill my heart a great deal.


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