What is your Pinterest?

In the package

I started using Pintrest a few days ago. You can check out my account here and look at my boards. I can best describe Pintrest as a visual social network site. It is kind of tumbler meets a dream board.

Right now Pintrest seems like an interesting too with limited uses. I can see it be useful to a graphic designer or an artist. I can see it be useful to someone doing crafts or putting together a wedding. I just cannot see it be useful to a wide audience.

That being said, maybe this is a new kind of social network. It does not go head to head against Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or Google+. It does something that none of these other sites can do without changing. It could be an interesting road map for the future.

Facebook is about finding people you know and keeping up with their life. Pinterest is about finding things that are visually interesting and people who have interesting posts. It breaks away from the social networks where you know the people. It is not about the social graph but the interest graph.

If you use Pintrest, let me know what you think.


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