Future of Myths

Last week I read a blog entry about the 5 Myths of Future of Television. I like this because it is a reality check for some hype talk.

1. The Future of TV is about Voice Control and Gestures

I think that these controls are two or three generations away. I think that smart phone control might cut this off first. I can see all the Program Guide Data and TV controls working via phone or tablet control.

The general problem with voice control and gestures is turning them on and off.  People still do things while they watch TV.  I am not sure how you TV will know when are trying to control it.  

2. The Future of TV is all about Social TV

Part of the problem here is because it is a fracture between the East Coast and West Coast feeds. I cannot watch Twitter as a WWE, Voice, or American Idol fan.  I have to turn off Twitter during Monday Night Raw on the East Coast. 

A future social app would have to change to real time to when you are watching .


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