Internet Wrestling Community Pet Peeve

I have to admit to a Pet Peeve when it comes to listing to people on the internet talk about pro wrestling.  I hear this topic come up over and over again.  It seems to have the same points all the time.  The conversation has a few points in common:

1) Pro wrestling sucks right now
2) Pro wrestling used to be great back in xxxx (there are several eras you can put here)
3) I really miss yyyy and the WWE staff hates it/me. (Usually Tag Teams, Male Managers, or Stables)
4) The WWE would be great again if they bring back that thing I love. 

There is a lot of things to hate about this conversation.  Most of the time this conversation happens when someone wants to point out everything is wrong and no one in the WWE can do anything right.  The subtext is that anyone could do this better than the people doing this, and the speaker could do it much better. 

The second idea is that the WWE has given up on some key point of wrestling.  Something that they did and did well sometime in the past.  They don't talk about what they thing worked, why the WWE stopped doing it, or how it would fit in with the product now.  They do not talk about it as a story telling device or how it would help the WWE tell stories now.  It is just a way complain about how things are done now.

I do not think that the WWE product is as good at it could be.  I watch the shows and feel like I am not getting everything I want out of it.  I can see why people have given up on watching the WWE.  I think it is silly to just dismiss how people feel about the WWE.  I just feel that you need to do more than just being up solutions from the past.  You need think about how that solution fits into the WWE now.

That being said, I am working on a blog post about the WWE mid-card.  I hope I do not come off the same way as the things that I have a pet peeve against.


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