Wresting on Netflix streaming

Why is there so little pro wrestling on Netflix streaming. You get a few WWE documentaries, a couple of WWE collections, and a couple of documentaries. That is it. There is no TNA Impact!, no Ring of Honor, no Chikara, no other Promotions when it comes to streaming video. When it comes to DVDs, there are DVDs from all the promotions above and more. So I can get videos from indie promotions, but not streaming. This seems really broken to me. On top of this I can find videos from these promotions on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

I think this is a bigger problems for the smaller promotions. I do not get ROH, Chikara, or Pro Wrestling Guerrilla on television. To sample these promotions I have to watch on my computer. I would much rather watch wrestling on my television than my computer. I want to sample the product because I spend money on it. If you are trying to sell a product to me, please make the barrier to entry as small as possible. I am often sitting around with nothing to do watching Netflix.

I am not telling these promotions to put everything on Netflix. I know that the value of property of Netflix decrease because of reduced sales in other channels. I am saying that these promotions should make some best of packages and put them on Netflix.

I know there might be something happening here I might not be seeing. Maybe the WWE is blocking these things from happening. I just don't know. As someone who watches the WWE on Netflix, I would like to see other promotions here also.


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