Get Rid of Heroes and Villains

I have been thinking about the K Sawyer Paul's idea of getting rid of belts.  It is an idea that I have been trying to get my mind around.  It both seems brilliant and a possible disaster.  I am not sure what would happen in these promotions in the long run.  This is a big subject that needs time to be considered. 

Thinking about it did give me another idea.  Why don't we get rid of Heroes and Villains in wrestling?  In sports you choose a side for all sorts of reasons.  I root for the city I grew up in.  If my main team is not in the game I watch, there are any number of reasons to pick who I root for.  If I am watching with my brother, my neighbor, or my co-worker, they have a whole different set criteria for who they are going to pick.  On one thinks that my brother and I are growing to root for the same team in a "Neutral" situation.

I know that first idea against this is that pro-wrestling is not a real sport and fans need to be told who wants to root for and root against.  I find this argument is kind of juvenile.  There is so much fiction where there is no hero, just a protagonist.  We do not always root for or against the protagonist.  Often we would our protagonist do things that are self destructive and live with the consequences.  Some times the protagonist makes a moral choice and lives with the fall out. 

I am not saying I want to see all pro-wrestling go this way.  I just want to see what a promotion doing this for six months would look like.  I want to know what kind of stories could be told in a wrestling promotion without Heroes and Villains.  I want to know what a more ambiguous promotion would look like. 


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