Who should I read to be a better wrestling writer?

Jason Mann  made an interest tweet the other day. 

If TV writers were like some wrestling writers, they'd want Parks + Rec and Community to be canceled because they don't draw enough money.

I was thinking about this recently also.  On the free feed the Wrestling Observer Figure Four Online they were falling all over themselves to say how the WWE screwed up the booking of Lesner v. Cena at extreme rules.  Never did they concede the story that was trying to be told.  They only looked at how they could have done it better. 

After thinking about this a while I realize that wrestling writers act sports writers.  Sports writers spend their time second guessing coaches and general managers.  They write about how athletes chock or make poor choices.  Picking apart what goes on between the lines and in the locker room is a big part of sports writing.

If we are going to think about the art of pro wrestling and talk about the stories they are telling us, the writers need to view themselves as critics and reviewers.  Sports writers do not deconstruct the events in the same way a critics deconstruct a text.  To find examples of this writing you need to look outside wrestling writing.

I want to ask wrestling writers out there for suggestions.  What non-wrestling Writers/Bloggers/Podcasters/Reviewers/Critics should I be following?  I want to know who from outside the wrestling world impacts your wrestling writing?  Give me suggestions I would love to know what you think. 

I think if you are not looking at how other art forms are being thought about, you will limit how you are looking at wrestling.


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