Reboot Wrestling

Reboots are all the rage in Hollywood.  It is not enough to remake a movie, you now need to reboot a franchise.  I guess it has something to do with franchise movie marketing.  In comic books reboots go back to DC Comics's Showcase #4 (Oct. 1956) the start of the Silver Age of Comics.  The launch of Marvel Comics was a reboot of Atlas Comics. 

A few weeks ago Joe D. suggested on twitter:
  GrappleKingdom They should get a new actor to play Hulk Hogan and reboot Hulkamania.

And Jason Mann suggested on twitter:

I wish WWE would introduce an unironic Mr. America II.

I loved this idea and I think it is impossible at the same time.  I would love to see how another actor would play Hulk Hogan, but the fans would never accept it.  There would be a very few number of fans who would like the idea.  Those there are would love the idea. 

For some reason, there is a huge about of pro-wrestling that is about being authentic.  This is really strange to me for an art that is fantastic and prearranged.  Wrestling fans all have things they are willing to put up with and other things they are not.  I know I don't want wrestling to insult my intelligence, but I will give them some leeway.  It seems like that line is different for every wrestling fan.

The best things about reboots is the re-imagining of characters.  When Christopher Nolan made Batman Begins, he did a lot of good work.  He was the first person in a long time to give good reason Bruce Wayne did not just go to a grief councilor and get over it.  When JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek he made the characters fit into their motivations again.  When John Bryne wrote Man Of Steel he stripped away decades of conflicting stories.

What would people do with a rebooting Hulk Hogan?  How would you change this character for modern wrestling? What stories would you tell with him? What would the Million Dollar Man be like right now?  What would it mean to be Macho Man now?  Would these stories be better or worse. (I'm looking at you Land of the Lost movie.)

When will the characters Hulk Hogan and Macho Man go into the public domain?  Maybe we could start a promotion with only wrestling characters in the public domain. 


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