Respect For Mark Cuban

I love the video above.  I think every sports fan and every ESPN viewer should see this. It says something important about the genre of "Screaming Sports Shows."

I am not always a fan of Mark Cuban opinions of sports media.  I think he wants to control the message too much.  I think part of the fun of being a fan is reading sports writing by people who do not want to protect the team. 

I think he does a good job out debating Rick Bayless.  Here is a quote that Mark Cuban can use against many sportswriters.  "You guys like to talk in complete generalities, where nobody can question you. You don't ever use substance. You don't ever use facts." 

I think this is another example of sportswriters wanting to control the narrative.  Mark Cuban did a good job pointing why the sportswriters narrative just gets in the way of the truth.  


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