There is no background in wrestling

When I read or watch serialized fiction I am interested in background characters.  I like to see their relationships with the main characters.  Often the background character is a metaphor for things happening in the story or to the characters.  I love when this is done well and it gives me things to think about.

The best example of this to me is Mad Men.  The relationships between Don Draper and the other characters is just amazing to me.  There are so many characters in Mad Men that are possible futures for Don Drapper.  Since the show is in the past, this idea pops out to me.  Every older character is someone Don Drapper could become.

One of the keys to writing a really good background character is showing that the character still have a life off camera.  They have a story going on even if the story is not being told to the audience.  Those characters can grow and chance when you do not see them. 

I feel there are no subplots in wrestling.  Every plot stands on its own.  What is going on with a prelim match is rarely connected to what is happening in a match at the top of the card.  You have a situation where Zach Ridder was part of the Kane v. John Cena feud, but there was not feeling that Zach Ridder reflected anything about John Cena.  They did not take the time to draw a comparison between John Cena and Zack Ridder. 

In a way everyone is a foreground character in their own story, but it limits the ways stories can be told.  I think it makes wrestling some how weaker.  I am not sure you can put in background characters in wrestling. 


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