CM Punk and a moral choice

I have been thinking about the Smackdown Great American Bash for the last few days.  I have been stuck on the interaction between CM Punk, AJ and Daniel Bryan.  I have been thinking about the moment where CM Punk is trying to express concern for AJ.  It is about 3:55 into the video.  CM Punk apologizes to AJ and tells her to get help.  He implies that his concern for her is more important than winning the match.

This is not something we see that much in the WWE.  Most of the time in the WWE people do not suck up to the guess ref because they can win without the ref's help.  CM Punk almost tells AJ that her mental health is more important than the WWE title.  This is unheard of in the current WWE.

The segment ends with AJ kissing both Punk and Bryan.  On the Bryan and Vinnie show free show they talked about this segment making making both of them look weak.  I cannot disagree more.  This segment makes me want to see Money In the Bank even more.  I want to see where this story goes.

I like the idea of this is not about love, not really.  CM Punk is not trying win her hand or protect her from another love interest.  CM Punk is acting out of human decency.  That is something we rarely see in everyday life, not only pro wrestling.  

For a while now I have been wondering about wrestling heroes, moral choices, tragic flaws, and story telling.  In sports right now there is nothing more moral than winning.  It is hard to be heroic in this situation.  It is important to see CM Punk to struggle with his choice.  I want to know that he put thought into his actions.  I want to see him weigh the outcome of his actions.  I want to see CM Punk think about what he has to give up.  I think this kind of struggles could make out of this story in the future.


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