Friday Five Stables

 Here is my answers to   Friday Five about wrestling stables

1. What was the greatest era for stables in wrestling?

I really don't know. There are great stables in a few different eras.  I want to say 1987-1988  At this time you had both the Heenan Family and the Four Horsemen.  Both of these stables did great work, in very different ways.  At this point stables were an important part of story telling.   The Horsemen were about the best of the best.  The Heenan Family could get anyone over.

2. Buy or sell: The nWo was the greatest stable in wrestling history.

Sell, I think the nWo got out of control too quickly.  There were way too many members, even at the best of times.  It was very hot for a short amount of time, but it went off the rails right away.
The nWo did give us the best parody stable of all time, the bWo.

3. Who was the ultimate stable wrestler?

Owen Hart.  He was great in every stable he was ever in.  He did a lot of great wrestling, he was great at getting heat.  He was great supporting other wrestlers.  He could help a heel without stealing the heat. He could be a main player or a supporting player.  He was great in Camp Cornette, The Hart Foundation, and Nation of Domination. 

4. Buy or sell 2: It's impossible for a stable to succeed in WWE right now.

Sell, The problem with stables right now is they are hard to write for.  You need to find something for everyone to do at once.  If creative wanted to make a stable work, they could.  It is about putting together the right wrestlers and give them the right things to do.  If you have a four man stable you need one guy going for the world title, two guys on the mid-card level, and a wild card.  

5. Put four wrestlers right now in a dream stable.

My dream stable would a great group of heels.  It would be John Cena, Brock Lesner, Alberto Del Rio, and Tyson Kidd.  The would be known as the Unstoppable.   They would be heels that would just do whatever they wanted.  They would spend six months kicking everyone's ass and after that they could be beaten at Wrestlemaina by the Rock


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