Play Pitch: 12 Angry Promoters

I have a play I want to see.  I am not a playwright so I can't write it.  I do not know enough about the history of what I want to see so I can't even help right it. I want someone else to write it and produce it.  If they do I will go see it.

The Pitch is 12 Angry Promoters.  It would be the story of a meeting of the NWA Championship Booking Committee.  The play would all take place in one room during the meeting of the committee.  It would be about the all of the politics and horse trading that went on during those meetings.

The interesting part of this story would be about how the promoters did not trust each other.  They did not see the world changing around them.  They would be trying to hold onto the world as it worked before.  They would be making short sighted arguments.  The audience would know about their bad choices.  I think it would make for an interesting drama.


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