Worst Draft Pick in NBA History

I saw this list of the worst #1 over all draft picks in NBA history.  I think that Chris Webber has to be on this list.  I know what you are saying I'm crazy.  Chris Webber had a 15 NBA career and was a five time all-star, how could he be one of the worst draft picks of all time?  The Warriors spent four first round pics on Chris Webber and he only played for the Warriors for two years.  This is a player who had the chance to be one of the best Power Forwards of all time, and the Warriors went in the can for 14 years after picking him.

I think it is really important to look at how the player performed for the team that picked them.  Chris Webber did not even come close to value that the Golden State Warriors spent on him.  I am not saying it is all his fault.  The Warriors just tried to get the best player in the draft, never asking if he would fit in the system or with the coach.  If Chris Webber went to another team, maybe we would not have waited five years to really be a great player.

The point of this is not to pick on Chris Webber, there are already too many people who are doing that.  The point is to look at the value the NBA franchise gets out of the draft pick.  The moves that the Warriors took to get Chris Webber set them back for years.


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