Location bases wrestling promotions

On the Wrestling Podcast Episode 73 TH suggests to Dylan Hales a wrestling booking dream he has.  He wants a trans-Europe promotion where stories are booked on nationalistic threads.  Someone might be a Hero in England, but a villain in France and Germany.  The idea would to play on the rivalries that make the World Cup, the Champions League, and  UEFA Euro such compelling sporting events. 

When I heard this idea I really liked it.  I have been thinking about this for a while.  In the world of sports we root for bad guys who represent us and we boo heroes who play against us.  I like this from a story telling point of view.  In the world of Pro Sports you could even play with ideas of free agency and changing alliances. 

I wonder if a company could do this in the US.  Could a company that runs shows in Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Baltimore do this kind of promotion.  Could "Home Cities" host shows where all the heroes are from those cities.  The feuds could play on natural sports rivalries.  The heroes and villains would have to start by getting a lot of cheap heat and cheap pops. 

I also wonder if this could work in the South.  What if you took the biggest SEC cities as the home bases for this promotion.  You could have wrestlers wear the colors of the schools they represent. 

I think that this idea because it pushes forward stories and how wrestling works.  I think wrestling needs to try more ideas. 


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