Kindle Fire HD External Speakers

January 24: At the Library

I just found out the external speakers on my Kindle Fire HD are loud enough so I can play content in the car while I drive.  My cell phone is not loud enough to play over the sound of the road noise.  I am happy for this.  This is a way to play MP3s in my car without having to fuss with the FM transmitter.

On top of that I found out that I can get audio books for my local library.  The selection is not great, there seems to be more than enough things for now.  I can use the OverDrive Media Console App to get audio books from the Fremont Library to my Kindle Fire.  I think I will use this for a while until I listen to all the good audio books.  The collect of books seem random and odd, but I am going to get the most of my tax dollars and get things out of the library.  


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