My Favorite Western By Decade

Comic Con 2008: Man with no name

I was listening to the Quentin Tarantino Fresh Air Interview. Toward the end of the interview he said something about how westerns change over time to reflect the values of the current times and not the times the movies take place.  This unique thing about westerns is that they always take place in the past. 

This made me think about my favorite westerns by decade.  If I look at this list you can see how westerns changed over the decade.  Let me know what you think of this list. (Note: the 80's was the worst decade for westerns.) 

20's - The Gold Rush - 1295
30's - Stagecoach - 1939
40's - Red River - 1948
50's - High Noon - 1952
60's - A Fistful of Dollars - 1967
70's - Blazing Saddles - 1974
80's - Three Amigos! - 1987
90's - Unforgiven - 1992
2000's - The Assassination of Jesse James - 2007


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