No Digital Version

K Sawyer Paul suggest I read  Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks so we can talk about it on the podcast.  We are both fans of Mick Foley I am going to have to order it from Amazon.  None of the used books stores around me have it and there are only book stores around me anymore.  I was hoping to find a used copy.  I guess i will have to order it from Amazon now.

I am surprised there is no ebook edition.  I am not sure how many WWE books have kindle editions.  I know that a year ago there were almost no wrestling books with kindle versions.  It seems like almost all the new books have kindle versions and a lot of old one are also getting them.  I wonder if the deals with the authors and subjects are getting in the way.

With the announcement that Mick Foley is going into the WWE Hall of Fame maybe they will re-release his books with kindle editions.  I was able to find copies of Foley is Good: And the Real World is Faker Than Wrestling at several used book stores.  I want to finish his first book before I buy the second. 


mootmom said…
The San Jose Public Library has a copy at the Vineland branch (1450 Blossom Hill Rd) which is currently available and not checked out.

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