Type of Photo Days

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I think the number of photos I day a day really says something about my day.  I think about photography every day.  I am always thinking about what I see and would it make a good picture. 

1 photo day - A day when I did not get the chance to think about photography.  On days like that I usually do not get a chance to step away from my usual routine.  On those days nothing pop out to me.  Either I have taking pictures recently of everything I see or I have no created ideas. 

10 photo day - On a ten photo day I have seen one or two things that catch my eye.  I like to snap 3-5 shots of I am trying to capture it.  I know that if I only shoot one photo there are too many things that can go wrong.  With auto focus and light, there is always a chance that a single photo will not get what I am going after.

50 photo day - If I got to shoot 50 photos I had the chance to really focus on photography.  I either went on a walk with my camera.  It means that I got the chance to put everything else aside for a little while for photography.

100 photo day - When I start getting to 100 photos, I know that I really got to focus on photography.  When I get to focus on Photography it is not hard to pass 100 photos.  It usually happens before I notice.  Often if I go to a craft fair or a flea market I'll get 100 photos. 

300 photo day - To get a 300 photo day I need to go to a baseball game or to go to a photo stroll I'll get 300 photos.  This means that Photography was a major focus.  I like days like this.  I usually take shots of the same things over and over again. 

1000 photo day - This means that I got to focus on nothing but photography for a day.  I get one of two of these days a year.  They are great days, but I have to put everything else aside to do it.  It is not something I can do very often.

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