reposting a dream

I was looking for something else and found this old blog post.  I thought I should re-post it.  I feel I would never have this dream now.  I wonder if the other wrestling fans I know ever have dreams where they are wrestlers. 

When I read this post now, I think it speaks to the life I was living in 2003.

Pro-Wrestling and winning the Title - Dreamt at sea 10/1/03

I had a dream I was a pro wrestler. In the dream I wrestled Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Title. We were supposed to wrestle in a cage. The cage had razor wire around it. We both looked at each other like the promoter was crazy. He was supposed to beat me. As a protest to the razor wire we did a really short match and I won the title.

I did not have much of a character. I knew that Vince McMahon was going to have me lose the title right away. I knew I was not a very skilled wrestler, but I thought I could make a character people wanted to see. I went to Vince and asked him to let me cut a couple of promos. I wanted my character to be a lovable loser who had finally won a title.

Vince was willing to let me keep the title for a little while, but he did not like my idea. He broke into his acting voice and told me that I needed swagger and attitude. People did not really want to root for lovable losers. they wanted to root for winners. He said that would help me, but I had to jump at the chance.


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