Sports Stories and Pro Wrestling - MJ v King James

I am in the camp that believes that Pro Wrestling uses the metaphor of sports to tell stories.  If I was booking a professional wrestling organization I would look at the world of sports to find stories to tell.

The recent story about Michael Jordan saying that Kobe Bryant is better than Lebron James because five is bigger than one, referring to how many NBA titles each has.  Since Michael Jordan turns 50, ESPN did a big profile on him.  The profile is amazing and I am surprised Michael Jordan gave this much access.  For years people have talked about how Michael Jordan was not the person in the Nike and Gatorade advertisements.  This profile puts all those whispers together in once place. 

There are so many aspects here you could turn into a pro-wrestling story.  You have the Greatest of All Times who is not retired, but still burns with the drive to greatness. You have the great player now who is close to the end of his career.  You have the best in the game right now who needs to win more titles to live up to be an all time great.

I would love to see this story in wrestling.  You can have characters that have problems with confidence and legacy.  You can have conflict between all three parties.  I like this story because the fans can decide who the hero is and who the villain is. 

I wonder why we don't see this story in wrestling every 10 years or so.  It is a story that can be done on any level.  It can be done at the WWE, TNA, or any of the long running Indies.  I think that these would be a great story.  For some reason I do not see much doubt expressed in wrestling story lines.  You don't see wrestlers wonder if they still have it.  You don't see them struggle with having to change their game. 

I think Michael Jordan is one of the most complex figures in the history of sports.  He is an icon in a spiritual way.  People took their ideas and imposed them over his image.  Everyone from sports writers to advertisers, fans to rappers, and artist to shoe collectors wrote the story which is the public image of Michael Jordan.  The interesting thing is he is still a man under being an icon. As people we have a hard time dealing with all those layers in a real to life story.

I think the real life story of Michael Jordan is really interesting.  I wonder if wrestling can tell stories this interesting.  I would like it to, but I am not sure it can. 


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