How do you use your minutes?

Basketball, like many sports, is governed by resource management.  You have five players on the floor and 240 minutes that need to be played.  The coach has a rotation of 8 to 10 players to fill those minutes.  The challenge is to get the minutes to the players at the right time.  The right five man unit can be the difference between winning and losing.

When I watch Raw and Smackdown I think about this idea.  The WWE has seven hours a week of national television.  I think about how the WWE fill those 294 minutes a week.  How do they tell put on matches, use characters, and tell stories with those minutes.  Not only do they need to tell the story for one episode or one week, but for a whole month leading to a Pay-Per-View.  On top of that they need to tell stories that build from pay-per-view to pay-per-view. 

I ask myself these questions because I do not know where the WWE is going with the bottom of the card and the mid-card.  I do not understand what the WWE does to wrestlers after they get off main event programs.  They do not do the best job using those wrestlers well.  I think there are good stories to tell once someone leaves the main event, I have not seen the WWE do a good job with these stories lately.

I want to see the WWE tell great stories.  To do that they need to lay a ton of ground work.  You have to put your characters in positions to be put into the next story.  If they don't do this, the crowd does not buy into the stories. 


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