5,000,000 Flickr Photo Views

5 million photo views

I just passed 5 million photo views on flickr.  I posted my first photo on flickr May 14, 2004, but I really did not started using it April 2005.  Since then I have posted 33520 photos.

I passed 4 million photo views July 23, 2011. That is a total of 678 days or an average of 1475 photos a day.  It took me almost a year longer than I expected to pass 5 million views.  When I hit 4 million photo views 2000 views a day.  Now I average 1000 views a day.  When Google+ launched my number of views from Google searches disappeared.

If I average 1000 I will pass 6 million photo views on Monday, January 26, 2016.  Will flickr still be around in 2016.  It is hard to see Flickr going away in three years, but anything is possible.  How different was the web three years ago?  

Here are some stats

Photos: 33520
Average of 149.16 views per photo 
Median views: 31
Photos with no views: 532
Number of photos with more than 33520 views: 5  



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