My California

Today I got the chance to go to the beach in the central coast town of Marina and take some pictures.

Marina State Beach

On the ride home I thought my photographs of California.  I have been living in Californian since 1999, but only really taking a lot of pictures since 2005.

Around the way

The first thing taking photos has made me look at the world around me.

Our Lady Of Yahoo

It got me to taking photos of places I pass everyday.

Knight Ridder Building

Taking photos has been a way for me to explore California

Ferry Building

Go places I normally would not go. 

Hearst Castle: Out to the sea

Take trips motivated by taking pictures. 

Bixby Bridge

Taking pictures convinced me to stop places that I might just drive through

June 27: Mountain View Farmers Market

I am not sure what these photos of California really say.

Foster City Clock Tower

I am not sure if I am trying to explain this place to myself or someone else.

07_07_07: leaving the game

I know my California is not what I expected.

Time behind the fence

It is not the California people talk about in the media

Treasure Map

It is a place that is different for everyone

By the Ocean

I have the feeling that is true for every place.


Anonymous said…
Loved it.

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