Old Man Logan Review

I recently read Wolverine: Old Man Logan on my kindle. It was cheap and I have been trying to get back into comics.  While I read it I enjoyed it.  I liked the idea of Wolverine being pushed so far he became a pacifist.  I always enjoy future stores/alternate world stories in comics.  It takes things we know and put them in a new context.

I like the idea how the story plays out the future.  I think there is good use of Wolverine and Hawkeye.  I like the interplay between the two characters.  I liked how the world is not our world.  I think this is the key to these kinds of stories.  I enjoyed how it was a road trip story.

Once I was done I felt a little sad.  My favorite marvel comic I read in a while was about how heroes failed.  Was the only way to tell a compelling story to destroy the Marvel Universe.  That seems like a bit of a copout.  The heroes just did not seem heroic.  I know that the villains have to win to set up this story, but it made me a little sad.

I really dislike the use of the Hulk and Bruce Banner as a villain.  I know it draws a circle for the story of Wolverine.   I just think it is disrespectful to Bruce Banner.  I know this is a reference to one of the best Hulk stories Future Imperfect and Maestro.  In those stories the Hulk was also the hero.  It means something different for the Hulk to fight his future self. 


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