The Animal Kingdom

A while a go I found a Flickr group called Animal Kingdom

Mural Owl

The idea is that there are animals everywhere around us.

British Lion

We surround ourselves with the images of animals.

September 28: Neon fish

We put animals on signs

May 6: Honey Bee

We make them part of our products

July 26: Bear Stethoscope

We use them to communicate with each other

Old Eagle Logo

We use them to represent ourselves

Totem Frog

We have been doing it for a long time

Doggie Head

They make us think of the past


We use them to describe what we want in the world

Painting of Paper shapped like an Animal

We abstract them to an amazing level

United States Navy

We even use wool to define ourselves as a nation

April 21: Graffiti Fish

Since joining the group I see animals everywhere


It has inspired me to take lots of photos of them

December 28: Put a Bird on It.

They have be come one of my favorite subjects for photos


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