Flickr leans toward mobile

flickr June 16 2013

A few days into the flickr redesign I realized one of the message is about Mobile.  The people upset about the redesign hear Mobile, they think about people taking pictures with smart phones.  Many of the comments on the help forms think they are not serious photographers.

android screen shot

While the growth of mobile photography is important, but mobile viewing of is really important.  Flickr has data on mobile viewing.  I do not know the numbers, but I bet the designers do.  I think the Rise of the Mobile Only is real. Any web company that does not deal it with it will not be around for long.  Companies need to have strategies for mobile use and make that strategy work.

iPhone Contacts

I know why non-mobile users can be turned off by this.  It is hard when a company values other customers.  When companies turn away from a customers needs, people feel hurt.  The hard truth is not all customers are worth the same.  Being told you are not as valued is painful.  I think I saw a lot of that pain on comments about the redesign.

iPhone Photostream

I was standing in line at a a restaurant the one Friday evening when I saw three pre teen girls at one of the booths, showing each other pictures on their phones, laughing and having a good time.  These girls made me think of my friends when I was their age.  These kids are the future.  Any company who puts their head in the sands and do not see the future will not be long for this world.  


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