Treasure Island San Francisco

I found out where I could go in San Francisco if I want to block off a street for an unpermited auto photoshoot without anyone saying anything to me.  That place is Treasure Island.


Treasure Island is a strange part of San Francisco.  It is quite and has an abandon feeling to it.  There are a bunch of out of use buildings from the old Navy Base.


With real estate prices in San Francisco you would expect there to already be development on the island.   Of course there are environment issues with the island that used to be a Navy Base.  I am not sure the military ever does a good job cleaning up their old bases.

Palms of Treasure Island

If I worked closer to San Francisco I think it would be great to live on Treasure Island.  I think it is a cool place that is quite and out of the way, but still in the middle of everything.

Palm and Skyline

Of course some of that charm might be lost if the island was developed. I need to get there more often before the development happens.  I need to make it out to the Treasure Island Flea Market more often.  

Flea Market Book Seller


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