Only Blog Post of 2015

This blog might be dead.  I know am writing a post right now, but it has been a long time since this blog has been updated.  The last two years have not people good for personal blogs in general and Sad Salvation in specific.  I have let my domains laps and have not written anything in a while.  I blame Twitter, Facebook, and having a generally busy life.

This year has been amazing for me.  I started this year with a temporary foster placement.  Doodle Bug was a great little boy.  He helped me get in sync with my ability to meet he needs of a child without flinching.  It was great to be around a happy little boy and take care of him.  It was only a month, but it felt good to get some reps at being a parent.

After that we went to Wrestlemania.  I know Kate didn’t really care about it, but I had an extra ticket.  The WWE gave me free tickets because I work for Roku.  The tickets were better than I could afford.  It was really fun to go to the show.

The better part were all the other shows I got to go to.  I went to see five wrestling cards in four days.  It was great to meet other wrestling fans and go to all these shows.  Between the WWE, Raw, NXT, WWN, Shimmer, I got to see tones of wrestling.  It was a week I cannot imagine having again in my life.

At one point in 2014 Kate said we would never get a placement.  I told her it would happen.  I predicted it would happen in April, right after Wrestlemania.  Kate would roll her eyes at me when I said this.  It turns out I was right.  We got a placement April 7th, just two weeks after Wrestlemania. 

It turns out our placement of Scooter was almost perfect.  It is hard to see how it could go any better.  He is a happy, healthy little boy.  The path is clear for us to adopt him.  We are the only parents he has ever known. 

It is amazing to see him grow.  Now his personality is starting to blossom.  He loves to laugh, Kate and I put a smile on his face.  He is almost about to walk.  He is crawling all around and pulling himself up on everything. 

It is hard to get my head around this is really happening.  Kate and I have been working at this for such a long time.  The journey goes back as long as we have been married.  Getting here has tested us at all.  There are several times it felt like we would never get here.  It felt like we were on a long road with no markings.

Now we are here, it is amazing.  We have to figure out how to be parents for the rest of our lives.  That is a little overwhelming.  It is still a good place to be. 


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