Fitness Tools part one


Back in November I joined a gym.  Since joining the gym I have been trying to go at least three times a day.  I am noticing there is a lot of gear that goes along with working out.  It is like I am always looking for all the things that will help me get the most of my workout.  A little extra seems to be worth the money.

A big part of my fitness routine is my Fitbit.  It is the big driver that helps me express my motivation.  I use it set my pace while I'm working out.  It helps me set goals at the gym and for my whole day.  I really like the way it lets me gamify my activity.  I like the way it shows me what I am doing.  I think it helps me get my mind around workout.  It is the best way I can hold myself accountable.  I wonder if other people feel this way about their Fitbits. 


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