45 Photos - LGE Nexus 5X

45 Photos - LGE Nexus 5X

A little more than a year ago I switched from Sprint to Google Project Fi.

First Awakenings Cup

 When we signed up for Google Project Fi, we switched over to the LGE Nexus 5X.  For the most part it was an upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy S5.

June 18: Cassette Table

It has the best camera of any camera phone I've every had.  I like the camera software.

July 16: Google Bike in Public

I always have it on me so I take a lot of photos with it.  It can get some good ones.


Since it has both a back and front camera, I take a lot of selfies with it.

June 5: Birthday Selfie

With Scooter

Bomb pop hat

Part of me would love to get a Pixel now, but I am going to wait until the Pixel 2 comes out if my current Nexus 5X lasts this long.



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