What it means to make a weight loss goal



Today, I made my post surgery weight loss goal.  I got below 220 pounds for the first time since college.  I've been obsessing about this day for the past couple of months. I told Kate she had to buy me a Vespa for hitting my goal weight. I have been trying to figure out when I'd get here.  A few days ago I started to think what after I hit this day.  What does it mean to achieve a goal?


For the past couple of months my weight has been up and down on my day to day weigh-ins.  The trend has been downward.  I have had to deal with the fluctuation without over reacting.  I know if I am up one day it is not the end of the world. 

I realize my goal has three parts to it.  That is the only way to really achieve what I really want.  So Today I guess I hit the first stage of my weight loss goal. 

1. Go below 220 pounds for one weigh-in
2. Have my average weekly weight below 220.
3. Be below 220 pounds every day for a week. 

I will always have more work in front of me.  I guess that is part of what this journey has taught me.  




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