The Game of Thrones of the WWE Network

I've been meaning to write this for awhile.  The WWE has thrown around the idea of the "Game of Thrones of Wrestling" as something that could change the business of the WWE network.  Both Voices of Wrestling and Wrestlemonics talk about the Game of Thrones of the WWE Network and I think they were being literal.  I do not think the WWE is talking about an expensive costume drama, but a scripted program that alone would cause people to subscribe to the network. 

Here are my quick pitches for scripted shows you could do about wrestling.

Family Drama - So much of wrestling has to do with families.  You could make a very compelling drama centered around wrestling families.

Hart Family - Large family running a wrestling promotion struggles to make ends meet. 
Los Guerreros - Family deals with racism while navigating the world of Pro Wrestling. 

Von Erich - Pro Wrestlers living like rock stars, but you know it is going to end in disaster.

Poffos - Running an Outlaw promotion by the skin of your teeth.

Professional Drama
Memphis Style - The wacky small market promotion that is super popular in its own town.

You Got to Beat the Man - Drama about what it is like to what it is like when you were once the greatest of all time but now way past your prime and you cant give the wrestling life up. 

Dying days of the Territory - Once great and powerful promotion tries to survive in face of a new juggernaut

The Indies - A funny look at what a once big time wrestler has to put up with now that he had ruined his career and has to go back to the indies to start over.

Ring Crew -A wacky behind the scene look at the people who keep the show going from behind the scenes.

The truth of the matter is we already have seen the first version of the Game of Thrones of Wrestling, it is GLOW on Netflix. Ok, it might not be at the level of Game of Thrones, but it is a real TV show about Pro Wrestling.  There is a very important lesson in GLOW, the historical facts don't matter.  If you were going to make any show about pro wrestling history, making it highly fictionalized is the best idea.

The legitimate question to ask about this idea is, does anyone subscribe to the WWE network to watch these kinds of fictional programing?  My feeling is no and the any producer would do better to have a show like this on another streaming survive. 


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