Places I've spent 10 nights.

For a while I've been tracking a like of places I've spent the night in California.  The list is pretty good, but also feels surprisingly short.  I think it is interesting to think where in California I've spent at least 10 nights. Below is the list of places on there.

San Diego
San Jose
Del Mar

Ten nights is kind of funny to think about.  That is either two vacations or five weekends.  Next year Anaheim will join this list after our second Disney vacation. I wonder where will join this list in the future.

If I expand this list outside California here is where I can recall off the top of my head.  There are some real patterns here, but I think going into these patterns would take a very long post to go into.

Warminster, PA
Lancaster, PA
Williamsburg, VA
Millersville, PA
State College, PA
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Kettering, OH
Richmond, VA
Philadelpha, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Seattle, WA
Albuquerque NM
Portland, OR
Oak Ridge, TN
Scottsdale, AZ


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