Making the XFL Faster

I know the new XFL might never get off the ground.  Even it is gets off the ground, it is hard to see it as a long term success.  Even if I define success as lasting longer than the USFL, four seasons.  If you want to admit the truth about the prospects of the XFL, listen to the Voices of Wrestling flagship podcast talk about the XFL in the start of this episode.

That being said, the XFL give sports geeks like me the chance to re-imagine football.  You can say I am fantasy booking, but I think it is fun.

Vince McMahon said in his XFL press conference that he wants to speed up football and have the game played in a shorter time frame.  He wants to take the three to three and a half hour game we have now to take

No kicking, at all - Get rid of kicking and punting from football.  This really changes the way offense works in football.  You really have to go for it all all the time.  This would speed when the position changes.  Also would increase scoring.  Kicking is one of the oldest hold overs from per-modern football.  The roots go back to rugby.  I think getting rid of punting most of all would make football much more exciting.

Running Clock - I think a running clock for the whole game would do a lot so speed up the game.  Soccer is a game with a running clock.  The running clock gives you time certainty.  Even if you have stoppage time like soccer, it is more regular than games like football and basketball where stopping the clock at the end of the game is a strategy that drives fans crazy.   

No TV Commercials - Like soccer, just get rid of TV Commercials.  If you use a running clock, just stay with the action.  I know this changes the revenue structure.  You need to sell sponsorship and live reads, not 30 second ads.  Right now TV commercials are what slow down sports the most.  I think getting rid of commercials will keep eyeballs on the product longer.  This would blow fans minds. 

Faster Play Clock - Right now the NFL play clock is 40 seconds.  If you want to have more action you could cut this.  I think you could cut it to 25 seconds.  This would get a lot more action.  If you had a running clock this will speed up the action and the time of the game. 

All helmets have speakers have them run until the snap - In the NFL only the QB and the Defensive play caller have speakers in their helmet.  These speakers shut off with 15 seconds left in the play clock.  Chip Kelly speed up his offense at University of Oregon by using play cards.  So more communication to the players can help the speed of calling plays. 

Seven on Seven Football - I know it might sound strange, but Vince McMahon could turn the XFL Seven on Seven Football league.  This is pass only football with no running plays and no lineman.  Most of the Seven on Seven leagues and tournaments are no contact, but you could do full contact Seven on Seven league.  You could make the rules the pace of play go very fast.  If you did this, you would get rid of a lot of activities that cause the greatest risk of CTE.


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