Thinking about the future of Pro Wrestling after All In 2018

Wrestling Crowd

We are a couple of weeks out from All In 2018, we have all thought about the show, the 10,000 plus tickets sold, the Starrcast convention, Cody winning the NWA title, Joey Ryan coming back from the dead, and all the other matches.

It seems like the biggest conversation left to have is also the hardest one to have right now, what does All In 2018 mean to the future of pro wrestling?

Here are the things we learned:

1. You can have a wrestling travel weekend separate from the big WWE events, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, or the Royal Rumble.

2. You can make people care about the NWA title if you work at it.

3. The people that made this happen, Cody, Matt and Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega all improved what they can get out of future contracts.

4. All in 2018 success helps the ROH/NJPW show at Madison Square Garden next year.  It also set a bar for the booking and match quality.

Here are the things we think we know: 

1. We will get another All In event, likely sometime in 2019.

2. Another super card like All In will be successful, even with different principles.

3. There is a backlash against the way the WWE treats its fans and that is motivating fans 

Things we don't about wrestling 

1. Did All In bring in any new fans to pro wrestling?

2. Did All In bring any former fans back to pro wrestling who will keep going to local shows?

3. Will All In help any promotions get more viewers on TV or on streaming services?

4. Can a single promotion draw 10,000 fans in the US to a live show?

5. Can a future All In, or multi promotion show draw 30,000 + fans to an outdoor show. 

6. Will this indie wrestling energy go past the ROH/NJPW MSG show?

7. What is the ceiling for live show attendance that do not depend on traveling fans?  Will that ceiling be increased in 2019?


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