Wreck-It-Ralph Breaks the Sequal


I went to see Wreck-It-Ralph Breaks the Internet.  I'll admit I've seen Wreck-It-Ralph at least 100 times.  Much of this is because there was a time where this was Scooters favorite movie.  When watching the first movie so many times, gave me lots of throughts about this story.

I wanted a sequel to tell the story of how someone like Ralph would react when he goes from the sealed world of the arcade to the wider world where he can see all the other games he is in. How would the Mario of Donkey Kong Jr. react to find out he was the good guy in every other game he is in? I had the feeling the 5 writers of this movie didn't really spend much time in the worlds of Nintendo or Fix-it-Felix. I am not sure how you make this movie without a story line about Fix-it-Felix Sr. 

The other story I was hoping for would be for Vanellopy see the non-glitch version of herself in other games.  I want when she meet the Disney princesses for her to find out about how she is the princess in a platform game and this is not how she views herself. 

Wreck-It-Ralph Breaks the Internet is not a bad movie.  It is at least two stars better than the Emoji movie.  I like the messages about friends and friendship.  It just feels like it was a wasted opportunity.  It throws away some of the interesting things about the first movie.  As a standalone movie it would have not been as big of a disappointment.  If feels like a cash grab in the wrong ways. 


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