WWE Network feature suggestion

March 13: The True Rocker

The WWE Network seems unchanged in five years it has been out.  It has added lots of content, but it seems to have not added any new features in a long time.  There are basically three types of features for video streaming services, Playback, Interface, and Discovery.  I really feel the WWE Network could use improvements in all three categories.

With the amount of content on the WWE Network I am surprise how little they do to help me discover content.  It seems like they mostly rely on curation to help discover content.  They have collections and directories.  They do not have a suggestion engine like Hulu or Netflix.  They do not have playlists like YouTube.

Most disappointing is they do not have a subscription feed like YouTube or Roku.   My favorite wrestlers are Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, and Bayley.  These wrestlers are on two different WWE Brands.  I want to have a feed where every new TV appearance appears.  If one of the three of them have a match, I should have a notification when I log onto the network. 

I think the WWE is missing how powerful this would be.  It would give me a reason to log onto the network often.  It also would give them data about which wrestlers I like.  If you want to market merchandise and tickets to me, this would help them. 

I am looking forward to the WWE Network 2.0.  I hope they have they greatly improve their discovery tools.  I worry that doing this all at once and not slowly over time is a big problem.  It is better for customers to add improvements over time not holding them all for a big re-design.  


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