Leaving Wrestlemania Weekend to the WWE


I read a tweet by Cody Rhodes about AEW running a show on Wrestlemania weekend.


I saw this and thought this has two great messages in the subtext, that he doesn't have to make text.

1. AEW is different - They are not going to ride the coat-tales of the WWE.   They are going to make their own brand.  They are going to let the WWE do their thing and they will do their thing.  This is a way for AEW to say they are not like other wrestling companies in the US. 

2. AEW will have good relationships with other wrestling promotions - AEW running Wrestlemania weekend would be worse from other wrestling companies.  AEW is going to let other wrestling companies cash in to running shows that weekend.

What is unknown for future years is what AEW contracted talent will do on Wrestlemania weekend.  We they be allowed to run their own shows like Joey Ryan or Joey Janela?  Will they be able to appear on other companies shows?  Will they only allowed to appear on shows that are one offs for Wrestlemania weekend.

Right now it looks like AEW has a good relationship with independent wrestling companies.  I think how they play all these things will go a long way to determining how their long term relationships with these companies. 


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