The toys I buy my son

Hot Wheels Vet

I am happy my son like Hot Wheels.  Growing up Matchbox cars were my favorite toy for a long time.  I am happy I can buy him a toy I liked. I bought him the modern version of the Hot Wheels carrying case I loved as a kid.

Hot Wheels Carrying Case

While he loves cars, he does not like keeping them organized.  Maybe that will come later, but part of me worries he'll always be messy like he is now. I know he likes them, I wonder how this will develop over time. 

December 20: Hot Wheel Case 

I am not sure if I am buying toys for him or for me.  For me, I enjoy taking photos of his toys.  I tell him how I thought the Corvette was the coolest car in the world when I was his age. 

I wonder how much nostalgia I'll live out this way. 


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