The Usefulness of a Bucket List

On the Trail

I am not sure I like the term Bucket List, but it is a term everyone understands because of the movie Bucket List.  It feels more like a To Do list. I am not saying I need to do these things before I die, I just need to do these things.

For my birthday I did something on my To Do List, I rode my bike until the battery ran out.  I've owned the bike since October of 2017.  I've wondered for a while how long it would take for me to run out the battery. It is an idea that would get stuck in my head.  I did it by riding from my house and up El Camino Real.  Riding my bike up El Camino Real to at lease Mountain View is an idea I've been thinking about for a while.

Now that I've done these things it frees up things in my mind.  The idea of learning how far I can ride my bike on one charge (30 Miles) no longer is a question I ask.  Now I can spend my mental energy on something else.  After a while something else will be on this list. 


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