Possible next roller coaster credits


Day Trip

Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - Santa Cruz - This is the closest roller coaster to me that I have not rode yet.  I have been thinking about how I'll play hooky some day this summer to get this credit.  I could actually work remotely Santa Cruz and ride at lunch.  (3 Needed Credits)

Quicksilver Express at Gilroy Gardens - I think the roller coasters where will wait until Scooter is large enough to ride these coasters.  These coasters have a small height limit.  I should be able to ride these coaster relativity soon. It might be next season before he is ready.  (2 Needed Credits)

V2: Vertical Velocity at Six Flag Discovery Kingdom - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom a big amusement park that is in day trip range.  I am not sure I could get all ten roller coasters in this park in one day.  While I could do this part this season, It might take me a while to get here.  I think we might want to wait for scooter to be taller before we go there.  Right now he could not ride most of the coasters with me.  (10 Needed Credits)

Planned Trips

Goofy's Sky School at Disney California Adventure - We have a trip planned for November.  We are going to Disneyland with a group of friends.  I am not sure if I can ride all three of the roller coasters I haven't rode there yet on this trip.  I am going to get one no matter what. (3 Needed Credits)

Timberline Twister at Knotts Berry Farm -  We have a trip planned for November.  We will be meeting friends down there.  As a Kiddie coaster, It will be easy to get Scooter on it, so I'll also get to ride it if I fit.  (10 Needed Credits) 

Likely Trips 

Coastersaurus at Legoland California - Scooter wants to go to Legoland sometime soon.  He is tall enough for Coastersaurus.  If there is a coaster he can ride, he will ride it.  I think I'll ride this in 2019, if not 2020.  (3 Needed Credits)

Short trip

Belmont Park: giant dipper

Giant Dipper at Belmont Park, San Diego - I might be taking business trip to San Diego later this year.  Giant Dipper would be an easy roller coaster to get on and ride once.  I could do it on my way to the airport.  (1 Needed Credit)

X2 at Six Flag Magic Mountain - This part currently has 18 roller coasters.  That is the most coasters at any part in America.  It is too far away for a day trip, so it would have to be an overnight.  It is too far from Disneyland for a side trip.  This means Magic Mountain would have to be it's own trip.  I told a friend we would do a boys trip weekend some day to ride all the coasters there.  I think this might take a few years.  It will likely have 20 by the time I get there. (18 Needed Credits) 

Timberline Twister at Knotts Berry Farms -  We might be able to visit Knotts Berry Farms on a Disneyland trip some time.  If I go there with Kate and Aiden, I will not be able to ride all the coasters there.  It might be a few years before I get half the coasters here (10 Needed Credits)

Long Trips

Whistle Punk Chaser at Dollywood - I have family in eastern Tennessee. One trip on the board is to take Kate and Scooter to visit my cousins they have never met.  If we do this, a stop at Dollywood would be a good part of the trip.  (9 Needed Credits)

Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure - When we go back to Pennsylvania next time, We will take an amusement park side trip.  If we go to Great Adventure, I'll be riding Kingda Ka.  I just have to, There is no other choice. (12 Needed Credits)

Merlin's Mayhem at Dutch Wonderland - This might be a better park to take Scooter to when he is 6 years old.  I bet I could ride all of these in one day.  (3 Needed Credits)


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