EBike Results and Goals

Trek Lift+ Ebike

I have now owned my ebike, a Trek Lift+, for two years this October.  According to the built in odometer, a feature I love, I have written the bike 1200 miles.  I am not sure if I should be happy by the number or unhappy with this number. Most of these miles have been in service of my work commute, but not all of them.  And when I ride to work, I sometimes do lunch time rides to take advantage of having my bike.  I am sure how many driving miles I've saved. 

Bike Path

I have set a goal to ride my bike more than this, but every time I set a goal, something changes in my life.  My current work commute is 20 miles both ways.  If I average one day a week for the year that is a total of 1000 miles.  On good weeks I can ride twice a week.  I don't want to set a goal of 2000 miles because of vacation, traveling, and bad weather.

My Bike at work

I am still pretty far from the magic $1 a mile number.  I think I could pass that number is 2021 if I keep this rate up.  While I'd love to bike to work every day of the week.  I just don't see it happening anytime soon.  It would be a lot long for me to hit the number for the cost of operating a car.  If I view my bike as a sunk cost, I am saving money on gas by not driving.

Most of all the ebike is fun and I enjoy riding it.  I would love to have more do to do recreational rides on my bike.  I've only got to do that once this year.  Maybe I'll get the chance to do it again sometime soon.

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