Goals 2020

It is that time of year again, time to set my goals for 2020.  I know when I set these goals, they are not always easy to keep. Your life can change and it makes it hard to live up to your resolutions.

4.7 Million Steps - In 2019 I walked 4.6 million steps.  I think I can do a little better.  My daily goal is 11,000 steps. To get to 4.7 million steps is more than 12,000 steps a day.  I think it is good to press this goal. 

30 Roller Coasters - My goal for 2019 was to ride 12 roller coasters and I ended up riding 15 roller coasters.  I now have a total of 28 roller coaster credits.  To ride 30 coasters this year, I'll need more than 20 new coaster credits.  I will have to go to at least two new theme parks to achieve this.  I'll also have to ride all the coasters at Great America. 

1440 Miles on the ebike by October 1 - Back in October I set a goal of riding my ebike 1440 miles by October 1, 2020.  I thought I should not wait to start this resolution.  You can set your year any place you like.  I set 1440 miles because this is two rides to work a week.  The last time I set a goal like this, I ended up getting a new job.  I can only hope no life changes get in the way of achieving this.  If I need to I can get up before work to ride around the neighborhood. Three months in I'm on target for making this goal. 

Project 366 - I am still taking a photo everyday.  I feel that is so part of my life, it doesn't deserve to be on this list.  I plan to keep doing that every year for the rest of my life. 


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