100 Instragram Followers


Two weeks in and I have passed two important milestones in the first week of my new Instagram account.  First I have more followers than I follow.  That took a little more than a week.  It took me two weeks to get 100 followers. 

Right now I am on a schedule of posting twice a day.  I have enough photos that I could be posting once a hour, but that would be overwhelming.  I read an article that says I should be posting 1.5 times a day

I am trying to figure out what I am going to post here.  All theme park photos are on the table.  I am thinking of carnival photos, rides outside of theme parks like the county fair, zoo trains, other things that have a theme park flavor to them. 

Right now I am going though all the different places that I have photos from.  I want to see how many I can post before a repeat.  Maybe I'll get around to theme weeks. 

Lets see I grow. 


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