Inside View

On the rock by the pond

The really strange thing about this past week is I've been so shut off from the rest of the world, it would be easy to think nothing is going wrong.  It would be easy to think this is all an overreaction.  No one I know is sick, in the hospital, or contracted COVID-19.  Most of my sibling who are in the age zone to get sick are far away from me.

My family, Kate, Scooter, and myself, are really self contained right now.  We are not seeing people from the wider world.  We are not having play dates or visiting friends.  We are taking this very seriously.  From what we can tell other people are taking this seriously.

There were reports this weekend of crowded parks.  We went to the park a few days, but it was not crowded.  We were able to stay social distanced.  I could see people not willing to take this serious for another week.  I can see people deciding the isolation is not worth it. 

In my head I know what happened in Italy.  I hear Andrew Cuomo say that New York is already overwhelmed. I know that this will get worse before it gets better.  I worry about hospitals here being overwhelmed. I worry for my family on the other side of the country.  It might seem ok from where you sit, but people have to realize they have a very small view on the world right now.  

For the most part Facebook has been a support while we shelter in place.  I dread the point where I start to read stories of friends and their families falling ill.  I worry that will happen quicker than anyone expects.  


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